Are you afraid to fly? Breaking away is the answer to living life in HD!

In Breaking Away, Soares explores how she shattered the stereotypes designated to African American women through media, history, and our own communities. She delves into how she built a company she loves based on a hobby deemed unobtainable to her by many in her circle and beyond.

“I was often trying to determine why black women weren’t expected to swim in the blue oceans of Tahiti or why we weren’t taking pictures at the top of mountains after a fulfilling day of hiking. Other women from other cultures were doing this and sharing their explorations with the world. Why weren’t my friends and family doing it? Then, I realized why. It was a simple answer. Women (and men) who looked like me had never seen it done. So, guess what? I chose to do the damn thing. I was going to explore the world and break the damn cycle. Traveling, alone, created such a feeling of anticipation and a desire for more that my first trip only fueled the next 20 trips I would take.”

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