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Claire is ready to guide you to developing asuccessful business.

Let me say this first: this is hard work. Everything you want to do will take work, but I want to help you successfully reach your goals. You’ve been dreaming and planning, yet the execution simply hasn’t been stellar. I understand exactly what you are going through.

I’ve been closing million dollar deals and starting businesses for years now, and every plan I’ve had hasn’t worked. I’ve tried to follow the strategic plans of others, and, to be quite honest, it’s been a BUST for me. So, I had to break away from the conventional way, and do it my way.
I want to share my way with you. The way that builds million dollar businesses in less than 5 or 10 years.

I’ve been securing large contracts for major corporations for years, and I’ve built a lucrative business in less than 5 years. Now, I’m ready to share my expertise with you. Are you ready?

Yes, You’re Ready for THIS!

Your chance to build the business you’ve wanted for years is here!

My Break Away programs are exceptional ways to clarify your purpose, strategize your business plan, and stay accountable for executing the plan for building the passion-filled venture of your dreams.

The Break Away programs offer you:

  • Clear and practical strategies for determining how to develop a business venture based on the passions you love
  • Expert guidance from verified brand builder and business mogul, Claire
  • Resources, worksheets, and interactive courses to assist you on your journey to business success
Program 1

The Clarity.

This group program is designed to offer you accountability, support, and extensive guidance as you prepare to build the business you’ve only dreamed of owning. The Clarity program includes of weekly video messages from business leader, Claire Soares, along with interactive worksheets and discussion questions to help you develop the best plan for your business. Join 20 other emerging business owners in this illuminating program.

Program 2

The Focus.

This one-on-one program is designed to offer you sharp assistance through your entrepreneurship process. This program is uniquely created for individuals looking to rapidly advance their small business into an expansive brand. The Focus program includes of personal video calls with business leader, Claire Soares along with personalized advice for shifting your business from average to exceptional. This program is an investment decision you won’t regret.

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