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Claire Soares is the mastermind behind the flagship international travel company, Up in the Air Life.

Claire Soares is the mastermind behind the flagship international travel company, Up in the Air Life. Claire loves to work her magic to secure substantial deals while creating a business of impact. Soares makes success look easy. And, she hopes to help you do the same.

Claire Soares is a strategic leader, influential cultural innovator, and successful entrepreneur. As a former Sales Executive, Claire’s professional background coupled with her personal business acumen makes her the woman to know when learning more about securing deals and building businesses. Claire speaks to groups throughout the country about venture development, impactful brands, and breaking away from the Black box many African Americans are stuffed in from childhood upbringings to career choices.

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I believe in DOING what you love, BEING who you are, and LIVING life out loud.  I live each moment to the fullest and create my best memories with no regrets! If that means I’m jet-lagged from a 7-day excursion to Thailand…wheels up! If that means I’m working the hours when others are sleeping, I’ll take that chance. Are you living the life you want to live? Are you doing what it takes? Are you being who you really are inside? Are you living life to the fullest?

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Breaking away is the answer to living life in HD!!

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Founder of Up in the Air Life, Claire Soares, shares her success story of how she achieved the dreams of her parents, but realized she wasn’t living for herself. She taps into the way she is shattering limiting stereotypes placed on African Americans seeking to live beyond the ordinary. She unveils how she transformed her life from ordinary to extraordinary.

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